Creating a Meeting

Remember that you need to create a Team or be invited to a Team to create a Meeting. This is how you can start your first Meeting:

  1. When in a team, click on “+ New meeting”.
  2. Add you Meeting’s name and click “Next”.
  3. Select a template that better suits the purpose of the Meeting and click “Next”.
  4. Invite people from your team or skip this step and invite them later. Note that if you want to add someone who is not on your team, first you should invite them to the team. 
  5. Select the star button for those who can be admins. An admin can edit the Meeting Document, while guests can only give feedback and make proposals on the discussion board. Click on “Create meeting”.
  6. The Meeting draft will be created. You can prepare the Meeting Document with relevant information for your team. The Meeting will be public and participants will be invited when you review the Meeting Document and click "Start meeting".
  7. Click “Start meeting” when you are ready. Let the magic begin!
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